The Ukrainian Refugee Crisis with Zak Jeffay

March 13, 2022 00:35:39
The Ukrainian Refugee Crisis with Zak Jeffay
The Koren Podcast
The Ukrainian Refugee Crisis with Zak Jeffay

Mar 13 2022 | 00:35:39


Show Notes

Far be it from us to offer explanations or analysis of the current conflict in Ukraine but the wave of refugees and displaced persons trying to escape the Russian invasion cannot but pull out our heartstrings. 

We are so incredibly fortunate that our friend, Zak Jeffay, was able to take a few minutes to sit with us shortly after returning to Israel after spending more than a week on the Polish-Ukrainian border giving whatever help possible to the now more than 2.5million people coming over the border. 

Zak is a Holocaust educator and tour guide for JRoots, who was leading a group in Poland when the invasion began. Inspired by one of his Polish colleagues, and the students he was with, Zak and JRoots director Tzvi Sperber mobilized their logistical network to find rooms, food, clothing, and other necessities for whoever they could. 

We hear about the situation on the ground, what is needed most now, the possibility of a long term solution to one of the largest ever human displacements in history, and how Zak's experiences as an educator informed his experiences on the border, and how his experiences have brought to reality some of the lessons he has been teaching for years. 

Zak will be heading back to the Ukrainian border in just a few days to distribute more aid to those who need it most - to donate to the JRoots campaign visit or follow the campaign on Facebook @jroots.journeys

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