Purim Special with Guest Host Dr. Daniel Rose

Episode 6 March 16, 2022 00:43:06
Purim Special with Guest Host Dr. Daniel Rose
The Koren Podcast
Purim Special with Guest Host Dr. Daniel Rose

Mar 16 2022 | 00:43:06


Show Notes

Purim Sameah!

Join guest host, Dr. Daniel Rose Ph.D., as he and his very special guests as they discuss the Torah values found amongst some other acronymous entities; the MCU, DC, EPL, NFL, and more!



Editors note

Tom Brady is referred to as having recently retired during the course of this episode. That statement was true at the time of recording. 

The Koren Podcast is written and produced by Aryeh Grossman and Alex Drucker and edited by Alex Drucker. Our grateful thanks go to Dr. Daniel Rose as guest host for this episode. Episode artwork was created by Tani Bayer. 

The Koren Podcast is a part of the Koren Podcast Network a division of Koren Publishers Jerusalem. 

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