Remembering Rav Steinsaltz zt"l

September 07, 2020 01:02:05
Remembering Rav Steinsaltz zt"l
The Koren Podcast
Remembering Rav Steinsaltz zt"l

Sep 07 2020 | 01:02:05


Show Notes

Just over a month ago, we lost our dear friend and teacher Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz.  I impact that Rav Steinsaltz had on the world cannot be overstated and his achievements in the world of Jewish publishing, teaching, and beyond made him stand out as one of the greatest sages of the modern age.

Rav Steinsaltz published over 300 books across the entire gamut of Jewish thought and was the single most prolific commentator on classic Jewish works having written and published commentaries on Tanakh, Mishna, Gemara, Rambam, and Tanya as well as dozens of books of his own original ideas. The relationship Koren Publishers had with Rav Steinsaltz, and with the Steinsaltz Center is one we treasure and has produced some of the finest works of Jewish thought and scholarship. What set Rav Steinsaltz apart, aside from his incredible mind, was his impeccable character even in the face of some of life's most difficult challenges. His insight, wit, humility, and grace opened the world fo Torah and Jewish learning to countless people. May his memory be a blessing.

We were honored to sit with Rabbi Menachem (Meni) Even-Israel, director for the Steinsaltz Center, and Rav Steinsaltz's son to hear first-hand about who his father was and the influence he had. We also spoke with Matthew Miller, Publisher of Koren Publishers, to hear about how the relationship between Koren and Rav Steinsaltz began.

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