Introducing I've Got a Question!

March 15, 2021 00:23:43
Introducing I've Got a Question!
The Koren Podcast
Introducing I've Got a Question!

Mar 15 2021 | 00:23:43


Show Notes

Introducing I've Got a Question! 

Alex sits down with Shira Greenspan who is the host of a brand-new podcast from the Koren Podcast Network.

I've Got a Question! is a place for kids to ask the questions they've always wondered about! Why is there so much blood in the story of Pesah? What was it like at the splitting of the Red Sea? What's it like to move to Israel? How do we know Hashem is listening?

Join host Shira Greenspan as she talks to experts from all over the world to try and find answers, and even ask some of her own questions along the way!

I've Got a Question is a part of the Koren Podcast Network

In the first episode of I've Got a Question! Shira answers a question sent in by Orit from Pennsylvania: Why is Pesah so bloody? Why is there so much blood in the Pesah story?

Shira calls on Dr. Larry Stiefel and Dr. Daniel Rose to try and find the answers.

Dr. Larry, also known as the Maggid of Bergenfield, is an expert on blood and how our bodies work. Daniel Rose created the Magerman Edition Koren Youth Haggada and the Magerman Edition Koren Educational Siddur Series. He is an expert on all things Jewish and spends his time making Judaism fun and interesting for kids all over the world! You can find Daniel's Haggada and siddurim here

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