Inspiration for Rosh Hashana with Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

September 14, 2020 00:35:51
Inspiration for Rosh Hashana with Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
The Koren Podcast
Inspiration for Rosh Hashana with Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Sep 14 2020 | 00:35:51


Show Notes

We were honored to speak with Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks for some inspiration ahead of Rosh Hashana. We discussed what he will be focusing on this High Holiday period and into the year ahead, how his new books Judaism's Life-Changing Ideas, and Morality serve as sources of strength and solace during the tumultuous times in which we find ourselves, and what Judaism can teach us to help cope with life's challenges and can help us create a better future for ourselves.

All of us at the Koren Podcast would like to wish all of our listeners a shana tova u'metukka, and a year full of health and happiness.

Useful links:
Judaism's Life-Changing Ideas
Morality - Purchases in Israel only (visit your local bookstore for purchases in the rest of the world)

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