But It's Only a Midrash! With Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot and Simi Peters

Episode 6 May 04, 2021 01:08:57
But It's Only a Midrash! With Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot and Simi Peters
The Koren Podcast
But It's Only a Midrash! With Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot and Simi Peters

May 04 2021 | 01:08:57


Show Notes

Midrashim play a central role in the way in which we learn ḥumash and tanakh. Unfortunately, many modern Jews have never learned midrash in a serious fashion and this has given rise to people either dismissing midrashim or confusing, even conflating, midrashim with the actual text of the tanakh.

We sat down with two experts on the world of midrash, Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot (Mikra and Meaning: Studies in Bible and its Interpretation) and Simi Peters (Learning to Read Midrash) to talk about what midrash is, why it is so important, the modern/centrist orthodox approaches to midrash, and how we can teach it better.

This week's podcast is dedicated to the memory of the 45 men tragically killed in Meron on Lag B'Omer and to the speedy recovery of all of those injured in the disaster.

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Useful links:

Full text and translation of Simi Peters' favorite Midrashim

Mikra and Meaning by Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot

Learning to Read Midrash


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