Jewish Pride with Ben M. Freeman

Episode 8 June 01, 2021 00:59:30
Jewish Pride with Ben M. Freeman
The Koren Podcast
Jewish Pride with Ben M. Freeman

Jun 01 2021 | 00:59:30


Show Notes

The last few weeks have, as rockets fired by Hamas rained down on Israel, we saw a sharp rise in anti-Jewish racism and antisemitic attacks across the world. We were shocked to see intimidation tactics and physical attacks against Jewish people, perpetrated by violent thugs claiming to stand up for the oppressed and protecting human rights.

We sat down with educator, campaigner, and author Ben M. Freeman to talk about some of the causes of antisemitism, what Jews around the world can do to build the confidence to stand up to anti-Jewish hatred. Most importantly, we spoke about building Jewish pride. No matter your denomination, practice, or belief, being proud to be Jewish is the greatest sign that we will no longer cower in the face of those who hate us. 

After 1000s of years of persecution, we are currently engaged in the greatest act of decolonization, ensuring the safety of Jewish people around the world. Israel is not only the realization of millennia of yearning but is the manifestation of our assertion of our basic Human Rights. 

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