Themes of Hope with Dr. Yael Ziegler

Episode 13 August 05, 2022 00:55:00
Themes of Hope with Dr. Yael Ziegler
The Koren Podcast
Themes of Hope with Dr. Yael Ziegler

Aug 05 2022 | 00:55:00


Show Notes

The inimitable Dr. Yael Ziegler joined us to start preparing for Tisha B'Av.

We talked about Dr. Ziegler's new book Lamentations: Faith in a Turbulent World, messages we can take into Tisha B'Av, and lessons of hope we can take out. 

We spoke about how we can learn lessons from recent tragedies to not only grapple with the sadness of the day but also give us a sense of the original hurbanot


Useful Links:

Yesh Tikva - Free, professional psychological services and resources for those struggling with infertility.

ATIME - Providing personal guidance and support to couples experiencing fertility.

Bonei Olam - Providing means and resources to allow childless couples facing infertility the opportunity to pursue medical fertility treatment.

Chana (UK) - THe leading UK fertility support organization for the Jewish community providing emotional, practical, halachic, and financial assistance to couples facing challenges of infertility, baby loss, miscarriage, and any reproductive issues. 

Puah (Israel) - Providing guidance, support, and resources to Jewish couples with their dreams of building a Jewish family. 

Small Wonders (Canada) - A not- for-profit charitable organization whose mission is to provide emotional support, education, and financial assistance to Jewish couples experiencing infertility.

The Jeanie Schottenstein Center for Advanced Torah Study for Women at Nishmat

Nishmat's Golda Koschitzky Center for Yoatzot Halacha

Find a Yoetzet and other resources from the Yoatzot Halacha

Nishmat Ha-Bayit



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