MST|Live part 2

February 07, 2021 00:46:44
MST|Live part 2
The Koren Podcast
MST|Live part 2

Feb 07 2021 | 00:46:44


Show Notes

The audio recording from the second part of the MST|Live, A Deeper Look at the Maggid Studies in Tanakh Series.

Guest host, Sarah Rindner was joined by Dr. Tova Ganzel (Ezekiel), Rabbi Michael Hattin (Joshua and Judges), and Rabbi Yaakov Beasley (Nahum, Habakkuk & Zephaniah) to talk about the methodologies and motivations behind their wonderful books and why we should invest time to learn more of their chosen sefer.

We are grateful to our partners 929, Herzog College, The Midrasha at Bar Ilan University, and Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies.

The Maggid Studies in Tanakh series is a groundbreaking collection of works by some of the world's leading Tanakh teachers from Israel and abroad. The series utilizes a synthesis of classical and modern biblical and literary scholarship methodologies to uncover the beauty and masterful authorship of the Jewish bible.

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