Koren in the wild

Episode 12 August 10, 2021 01:43:33
Koren in the wild
The Koren Podcast
Koren in the wild

Aug 10 2021 | 01:43:33


Show Notes

We're out and about this week with Nachliel Selavan, The Museum Guy, talking about how visiting the sites mentioned in Tanakh adds deeper layers to our understanding of the biblical narrative. 

Nachliel is a tour guide, historian, and archeologist who spent the COVID-19 pandemic pioneering virtual tours of the Tanakh, taking groups all over Israel and to museums all over the world from the comfort of their own homes. Nachliel took Alex and Aryeh out into the field to learn about biblical Israel's second city, Lakhish, and then onto Ashdod to visit one of the lesser-known sites to shed light onto one of the Tanakh's biggest villains. 

Thank you to Israel's Nature and Parks Authority and to the Museum of Philistine Culture and of course to The Museum Guy, Nachliel Selavan.

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The Museum Guy - Nachliel Selavan








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