History is the Story of People with Rabbi Berel Wein - Jewish History part 1

July 27, 2020 00:24:16
History is the Story of People with Rabbi Berel Wein - Jewish History part 1
The Koren Podcast
History is the Story of People with Rabbi Berel Wein - Jewish History part 1

Jul 27 2020 | 00:24:16


Show Notes

We had the privilege to talk to the world-renowned historian, educator, lecturer, and rabbi, Rabbi Berel Wein for some inspiration ahead of Tisha B'Av.

In the first of this special, 2 part episode on Jewish history, Rabbi Wein reveals what first got him excited about learning history, what makes the study of Jewish history unique, what messages we can take with us into the future by learning about the past, and what the purpose of Tisha B'Av really is.

Rabbi Berel Wein, the founder, and director of the Destiny Foundation, has, for over 25 years, been identified with the popularization of Jewish history through his more than 1,000 lectures heard world-wide, his 15 books, history courses, educational tours and, most recently, dramatic and documentary films.

Rabbi Wein is a graduate of the Hebrew Theological College and Roosevelt College in Chicago. He received his Juris Doctor Degree from De Paul University Law School and a Doctor of Hebrew Letters from Hebrew Theological College.

Rabbi Wein has published several books including many with Maggid Books. Rabbi Wein also authors and edits a monthly newsletter – The Wein Press – a source of information and inspiration on topics of Jewish interest. He also pens a weekly column for The Jerusalem Post.

Currently, The Destiny Foundation is in the process of translating Rabbi Wein’s riveting accounts of Jewish history into a series of films on Jewish personalities – the first, entitled Rashi-A Light After The Dark Ages, was released in 2000, and Rambam/The Story of Maimonides had its premiere in New York, in November 2004. Currently, in production, The Destiny Foundation is preparing a 10-part documentary series, based on Rabbi Wein’s history of the Jews in the twentieth century, Faith & Fate.

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